Steward At Large:  Bud Caspari

Administrative Steward:  Diane Wilhite

Missions Steward:  Melissa Jackson

Steward At Large:  John Peterson

Steward At Large:  Leslie Turner

RevKev is a second career pastor, previously serving over six years with a denominational church. Called to serve in a less institutionalized environment, the vision of  being a part of a Christ-centric fellowship has been on the agenda since 2008. "When your book of rules and policies is thicker than your Bible, that is a good indicator that we have missed the point Jesus was trying to make." RevKev is the father of two boys and a grand-father to two young ladies. All living in the Northern VIrginia area and all involved in this new connection. 

Founded on the principles of Acts 2, New Cross Connection is dedicated to the focus on Christ, as a means of applying the Great Commission. Local missions and ministry, interpersonal relationships with our worshipers and seeking to embrace the Son of God, we are no longer a church, but a body of believers, with our eyes on the Risen Christ.

Steward At Large:  Dawn Locke-Trillhaase

Steward At Large:  JoAnn Neufer

Steward At Large:  Jeff Hunt

The Board of Stewards: