Rev Kevin Havens
               Lead Pastor
Kevin (RevKev) Havens is a second career pastor, graduating from Liberty University with a Masters of Worship and Church Leadership.
He served as a Worship Leader since 2001 and is a part of JC Reigns, the Praise Team for NCC
Mel 2
          Melissa Jackson
Melissa has a gift for missions. She loves traveling out into the community and giving help when and where it’s needed, whether it’s making and serving a meal for 100 folks or collecting school supplies for local schools. She’s happily married to her husband of over 22 years and has 2 children She loves to cook, travel and spend time with family and friends.
Diane Wilhite
Diane loves serving NCC as the Administrative Steward and a Worship Leader.  Her real passion is Christian music and she is part of JC Reigns. She works fulltime in the community where she lives with her husband.  In her spare time, you will find her in her garden or playing music.  
 Leslie Turner
         Board of Stewards
Leslie Turner is a native of Northern Virginia.  She is a graduate of Herndon High School and Mary Washington College.  Leslie has been married to Bob Turner for 25 years in July. Leslie and Bob have three daughters.  She works as a preschool teacher and is active in her community.
JoAnn Neufer
          Board of Stewards
JoAnn is the Director of Pharmacy at Sibley Hospital in DC.   She has served on the Board for several years and enjoys participating in the missions and outreach work of NCC.
Dawn Locke-Trilhaase
Board of Stewards
Dawn is a native of Virginia.  She has served on the Board for several years and assists with all aspects of the organization.  She works full time in her community and is also very involved with her daughter’s softball team. 
 Jim Faughnan
         Board of Stewards
Brian Talbot
          Board of Stewards